E-mail management

Using Spam filtering and setting up mailboxes

There are a couple options in your spam filtering setting in the user admin.
Login here:
http://www.yourdomain.com/user (yes, it is the actual word "user")
then type in your individual user ID and password.
Click on "Spam filtering" on the left.
You then get various options on how to set it and what to do with stuff marked "SPAM".
Right now Heather's tolerance level is set to "High", and the spam is marked to still be delivered to your mailbox.
Add a header label to the spam, something like:

You can then set up a folder in Outlook Express (or whatever mail client you use) and set a rule to filter all things with ***SPAM*** in the subject to go in that special spam folder.

You also have an option to delete the spam, but keep in mind that the filters may get overzealous and mark a friend or customer's email as spam if they have questionable content in their email. My friend couldn't find an email from me talking about spam because it was sent to her spam folder!

You also have control over your black & white list. These are the lists of the good email addresses (whitelist) and the ones you don't want to bother you anymore (blacklist).

Take the time to export your address book from your email program. Then bring it into excel and strip out all columns except the email addresses. Save as a comma delimited CSV file. Then open up this list in a text editor and take out all the paragraph returns and replace them with a comma. Check in the text editor to make sure there are no double and triple commas.

It sounds like a lot of work but it took me less than 5 minutes to get 250+ names in a format that SpamAssassin can use.

Your white list is all the addresses you ALLOW. The blacklist is all the ones you ban. Banning is not an exact science. The stinkers just go to another email address. The only ones it works for is banning legitimate businesses that send entirely too much email your way. Many large *real* companies you can just opt out of their mailing list, but never click on the opt out of a company you don't know of. They will simply sell your email address to someone else. By clicking their opt-out link, you have confirmed that the address is real.

Also you folks have a lot of email addresses, and unlimited aliases, available to you. I would suggest setting up several email addresses and controlling mailboxes on your own computers.
You will have to log into the site admin to set up more email addresses, but you can set up your own aliases under your user admin.
Use the aliases and additional mailboxes for things like shopping, filling in contests, etc.
Like you may have:

these can be aliases that all send mail to your main mailbox at yourscreenname@yourdomain.com. When one alias address starts getting too much spam, turn it off and switch the email of only the legitimate addresses you want to keep in touch with.
You can set up an alias for each group you are on and then filter the results in you mail program.

Here are articles on managing your email:



Spam is getting increasingly difficult to control. I'm now investigating 3rd party spam blockers and programs that you run on your own computer.

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